Footy @ Hadz’s Silver Bullet Bar

Me and Hadz

So remember the good fortune we had back a few weeks ago when we met a top bloke by the name of Hadley “Hadz” Bradbury whilst tailgating at the Broncos preseason game? If so you might recall that he invited us to his place to watch the Bronco’s season opening game with his family and a bunch of his mates. Well we could not turn down such a generous offer and so we made our way directly from the Sand Dunes to Hadz’s place in Highlands Ranch. After a little trouble convincing the security guard posted at the front of Hadz’s gated community that we were mates of his, we eventually made our way through the suburbian labyrinth to the a house proudly flying the Broncos flag. Still a little unsure we had the right house we hesitantly knocked on the door only to find a bubbly Hadz answer the door welcoming us with plenty of fist pumps, hugs and high fives.

The Bartenders

When Hadz said to us he had converted his basement into a bar I pictured a modest home bar tucked away in one corner of the basement…. modest is perhaps one of the last words I would use in describing Hadz’s “Silver Bullet Bar”…. Holy Cow! Hadz’s basement consisted of a full size bar along with beer taps, 6 or so flat screen television sets, plenty of neon, sporting memorabilia ranging from signed football helmets to collector cards and photos, a pool table, a dart board set up and even room for a shuffle board table. I’ve got to say I had never seen anything quite like it!

The Broncos got the season off to a good start with a win and we partied on into the night singing drinking games with Hadz and his famous neighbour and former Stanely Cup winner Stéphane Yelle between games of shuffle board.

Thanks Hadz for your and Joan’s incredible hospitality, it truly was a night not to forget.

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Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

We awoke with post slide night hang-overs and it was close to midday before we were on the road for our weekend trip down to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Setting off down the interstate 25 we traversed the front range passing through Colorado Springs and Pueblo further to the south, before making the climb up the US-160 into the San Luis Valley. Approaching from the south we could clearly see a distinct haze at the foot of one of the larger mountains known as Blanca Peak, and, it wasn’t until we were somewhat closer before we realised that the haze was in fact giant sand dunes tucked away in a corner of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. We continued into town which consisted of a single convenience store which quadrupled as a supermarket, gas station, restaurant and front desk for the only accommodation in town. We picked up the keys to our little shack for the evening and then headed on out to dunes for a preliminary hike and to take advantage of the afternoon’s fading light for a few snap shots.

The top of the Dunes

With knowledge that the aforementioned convenience store restaurant closed at 7pm we had to be back down off the dunes in time for dinner otherwise we would have gone without, or alternatively had to drive some 30 miles back to the nearest town. So after a quick meal we retired back to our shack in preparation for our hike the following day.

The park boasts the tallest sand dunes in North America with the largest towering some 230 metres above the valley floor. The 77 square kilometres of dune field is thought to have been forming for over the last 400,000 years as result of sand and soil deposits from the nearby Rio Grande coupled with the powers of wind and erosion. So needless to say the climb to the second highest dune in the dune field “High Dune” was quite the feat.


After making it to the top and a few snapshots later we were descending back to valley in hasty fashion as the morning sunshine began to heat the sand under foot. Once back on the valley floor we jumped in the truck and drove further into the park along some 4WD trails which required us to deflate the tyres due to the depth of the sand. We managed to keep the truck from get bogged only after a few hairy sand pit encounters and eventually made it back onto the sealed road only to commence our long journey back to Denver along the stunning mountain stretch of US-285.

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Slide Night

Prior to departing on our respective summer vacations exchangee mates Bobby, Sammy, Nash and Olivia and ourselves had decided that we were to host a slide night to showcase our respective top 100 summer travel photos. To keep things interesting we had also arranged a few categories a priori:

1. Best Wildlife Photo
2. Best Landscape Photo
3. Best State Sign
4. Favourite Photo
5. Fattest Person Photo
6. Best UPS Van shot (the objective here was to get in behind the wheel if possible) and finally;
7. Hot Pants (to don Bobby’s USA nylon hot pants in an iconic location)

I’ve got to say choosing 100 photos was not an easy task, yet, Nat and other folks did a pretty outstanding job consolidating their galleries into a concise yet comprehensive slide show depiction of their summer adventures. And what kind of award night would it be without cocktails? That’s right so with no one more qualified than Nat with all her summer cocktail drinking experience she was naturally appointed cocktail bartress. Drinks were shaken and stirred and promptly consumed and we were all ready for our 15 minutes of fame. With a voting system in place thanks to Lumberg Elementary’s smart board clickers each category was highly contested. The only rule was you could not vote for your own photo.

And here were the winners:


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Labor Day Weekend

Rocky Mountain Showdown… Go CU!

September 1st to 3rd was Labor Day long weekend and we started the weekend with a Colorado must do, the Rocky Mountain Showdown. The Showdown is a college football game between local universities Colorado University (CU)  and Colorado State University (CSU). Otherwise colloquially know as the Buffs Vs. the Rams. The game was played at Mile High Stadium in Denver and after the previous week’s tail gating experience we were all set for another few hours of drinking, snags on the barbie and some further corn hole practice. That said I do not think we were quite prepared for the new level of partying the college kids brought to tailgating……. perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they all knew what we didn’t, and that was it was going to be a dry game, that is no alcohol sold within the stadium. Either way college kids know how to party!

Royal Gorge

So when Nat suggested we visit a place called “Royal Gorge” I pictured National Park, a place of natural beauty to be preserved for generations to come. Some of the things I did not imagine were Carousels, Giant Swings, Zip Lines, Miniature Train Rides, Magic Shows and a Zoo. Royal Gorge Bridge and Park located approximately 130 miles south of Denver (which is technically not a National Park as far as I can tell) is certainly a place of natural beauty, however, featuring all of the aforementioned ungainly sights.

The Park also plays host to the highest suspension bridge in the world standing at over 1050 feet clear of the Arkansas River. The bridge and the Gorge itself were certainly incredible sights to witness but the other shenanigans were nothing more than over exploitation of the natural beauty of the impressive Canyon and accompanying bridge. We walked the bridge and caught the cable car back across for a good vantage of the bridge, however, our best view of the Bridge and Gorge came from within the Canyon itself aboard our raft as it made it’s way down the Class 3 and 4 rapids of the Arkansas River.

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Bicycles, Music and Football

Lyons, waiting for the cyclists

August 20 through 26 saw the USA Pro Cycling Challenge come to town. Stage 6 was set to see riders making their way from front range town Golden up into the mountains and back down through Lyons and then finally onto the stage finish in Boulder. Since we already had tickets booked to Lyons music festival “Rocky Grass Festival”, we thought we better get along to local pub “Oscar Blues” to book ourselves a good vantage of the passing pelaton. We spent the afternoon knocking back a few pints of local drop “Dale’s Pale Ale” and almost missed the 15 seconds it took the pelaton to pass by. Shortly afterwards we wandered up the road and around the corner to the Bluegrass music festival. The air was rich with the pungent scent of marijuana, their was hippee’s as far as the eye could see and banjo’s rang out long into the evening.

Tailgating before the game

Returning to Denver the following morning we hit the local Sports Authority to get ourselves kitted out in Broncos gear in preparation for their preseason match up against the San Francisco 49ers later that afternoon. We had heard of this seemingly bizarre concept of driving on down to the stadium early and loitering in the car park prior to kick off referred to as “tailgating”, so we thought we’d better check it out for ourselves (not to mention we had ourselves the perfect vehicle for tailgating). So with the esky filled with tinnies we made our way down to Mile High Stadium and drove on in to the tailgating experience. There were literally people everywhere, I had never seen anything quite like it. People cooking up a storm on full gas grill BBQ’s, people standing around drinking and eating, people watching the pre game coverage from couches on their 50 inch tv’s powered by their RV generators, people throwing footballs and playing corn hole a game which involves throwing a bean bag through a hole in a wooden box…. incredible!

Of further noteworthy mention is our luck in finding the parking spot we did. Not so much so finding the spot per se but rather the wonderful people that we landed along side of. Hadley “Hads” Bradbury along with his gang made the afternoon one not to forget and Hads kindly extended an invitation to join himself and his mates for the opening Broncos match at his place.

Oh and by the way the Broncos lost and super star $96 million dollar man Peyton Manning only played half the match.

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Girls Weekend

After a farewell high tea lunch with mum and dad I said a sad goodbye to them as they left for home after their Colorado and USA tour. After dropping them at the airport I made my way back into Denver where I had a girly weekend organised downtown with Sammy and Liv…

Dinner at Tag Restaurant

While the boys were away on their rafting/ camping trip doing boy stuff, us girls thought we would dress up and live it up in downtown Denver. We stayed at the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, a beautiful old hotel located in the heart of Downtown. We had dinner booked at Tag Restaurant on Larimer street, a beautifully lit up street full of trendy restaurants, bars and lots of people. We enjoyed our dinner and desserts despite the fact that we felt we were posing for a lady who was photographing us for the 5280 Magazine they have here in Denver most of the time! We have been on the look out for these shot, but luckily for us, they have not surfaced yet!

After dinner we strolled two doors up to a champagne bar where we enjoyed a tasty but slightly expensive glass of Bollinger champagne. To finish the night, we had cocktails at another one of Denver’s speak easy bars, Green Russell, disguised as a pie shop. The “Pies” were very tasty!

The next morning we had booked brunch at the hotel and I’d have to say that I have seen nothing like it! The amount of food was far beyond what any normal person could eat. The chocolate fountain and chocolate bar was my favourite!

It was a great weekend, thanks girls!

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Boyz Weekend

Good mate and all round top bloke Vern, who featured in our post titled “Weekend @Kim and Verny’s” very generously promised to take us fellas on a summer camping and rafting trip. Vernsta did not disappoint and we set off from Estes Park after work one Friday afternoon destined for a place called Radium, set on the Colorado River nearby to Kremmling. Vern had arrived a couple of days before to secure a good camp site and had eagerly anticipated our arrival. In fact, when we eventually rolled into camp late that night we found Vern asleep in his camp chair alongside the road where he was strategically positioned so we didn’t miss the turn off. After waking Vern from his slumber and enjoying a tinny or two (or three) together we retired for the evening in preparation for a big day on the river.

Brown Trout #2

Waking the following morning we drove upstream some 5-6 miles with rafts, fishing rods (or poles as they are called here) and most importantly the “supplies”. After spending a couple minutes re-inflating the rafts we were on our way. I was on board with captain Vern and his trusty deck hand “Pauly” (Vern’s mate), whilst novices Bobby and Nash were left to work out how to tackle the rapids on their own. Being summer the river was teeming with rafters, kayakers, canoers and tubers all after their own piece of the river action. After tackling a few more placid rapids we entered a canyon section where Vern assured us of good fishing. Again we were not disappointed, I had my line in the water no longer than 5 minutes before I had landed my first brown trout followed by my second and Nash was not far behind with a brown and a nice Rainbow. Vern however had the last say with a solid 2 + pound brown.

We shot a few more rapids down river and pulled up for brief dip in some natural hot spring baths that side line the river and then proceeded another 0.5 mile or so downstream back to camp. Upon reaching camp it was my job to gut and clean the fish ready for the evenings feast that included not only super fresh trout straight from the Colorado River but also Paul’s magnificent chilli along with Sam’s brownies for dessert.

Sunday’s rapids downstream of camp were more challenging than the previous day’s trip and so we were all eagerly anticipating what the river had to serve up. The landscape changed quickly from arid undulating hills to mountains and canyons covered thick with conifers and aspen groves and it was here that we got a most welcome close encounter with a black bear as it meandered along the banks of the river following the scent of a nearby meal. The bear was within 5 meters of the rafts at one point and did not even seem to notice our presence, it truly was an amazing thing to see. Unfortunately, neither boat had a camera handy to snap a few shots off so you will have to take my, Bobby’s, Nash’s and Vern’s word for it. Vernsta claimed he had organised for the bear to turn up, all apart of his camping and rafting extravaganza he told us, however, I think he himself was a little surprised with the bear sighting at such close proximity.

Thanks for a Top 10 weekend Vernsta!

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Pete and Sue’s Colorado Tour

After our night at the Stanley

With 8 or so months living and travelling about Colorado we were able to fairly easily put together a comprehensive 10 or so day tour of the state. First was the mandatory Texas Road House first supper down in Arvada and after a good night’s rest a visit to front range town Boulder to do some shopping, lunching and finally collection of your’s truly from a hard first day back at work.

Next Nat had organised a visit to Estes Park to take yet again a ride up the gondola, a wander about the mountain town and to spend a haunted night on the very “active” 4th floor of the Stanley Hotel. For some reason our poor luck travelling mountain passes persisted and when Nat left to fetch me from the bus terminal (Oscar Blues Pub) in Lyons after I finished work she was forced to take a lengthy detour which subsequently rendered us over half an hour late for our ghost tour of the hotel. Fortunately, the very attentive Pete and Sue promptly brought us up to speed and we managed to catch the very creepy back end of the tour. A little rattled we clambered wearily back up to the 4th floor only to shower up, get ready and return back down stairs to the bar for a snifter before dinner at the hotel

Trail Ridge Road

restaurant. Peter and I opted for a beer,  Nat a cocktail, whilst, Sue selected for herself a cocktail concoction comprised of alcohol pickled fruits. Sue thoroughly enjoyed her drink over her Coloradian dinner of Buffalo / Elk meatloaf, however, altitude and alcohol prevailed and Pete had to escort his wife back to the 4th floor via the elevator. I don’t think Sue seen or heard any ghosts that night.

Trail Ridge Road is an acclaimed stretch of highway that traverses Rocky Mountain National Park from Estes Park to Grand Lake and we set off early the next morning from the Estes end with a groggy mother-in-law in tow. We had been told that in addition to the spectacular mountain views the probability of seeing wildlife such a Elk and Moose was fairly high. The drizzling weather was a little disappointing, however, we were not too disappointed as we were fortunate enough to see a female Moose and accompanying baby Moose meandering along the banks of a creek right along side the highway.

Moose sighting

Before we knew it we were out the other side of the National Park at Grand Lake, the sky’s cleared and we were on our way through the mountains to Vail. After our previous trip to Vail just weekends before we had notionally planned that the boys would ride down Vail Pass and the girls would spend the afternoon wandering around the beautiful Vail Village. Peter and I rented our bikes and booked our trip to the top of the pass and thoroughly enjoyed the crisp smell of the mountain conifers for the duration of the 12 mile all down hill cruise back into the village. With another gondola ride on offer Peter and Sue could not say no and so we spent the early evening watching a spectacular mountain sunset from the top of Vail Mountain.

Ready for our Hot Air Balloon ride

Sunday morning was a very early start. The alarms were set for 4.30am as we had to be at mountain village Brekenridge by 5.45am. We were off hot air ballooning for the morning and in order to beat the unpredictable mountain weather, we had to be in the air before 8am. After a goodbye to a well grounded Sue and her new best mate “Loving Life Steve” we jumped into the basket alongside pilot Greg. After a few blasts of LPG before we knew it we were hundreds of meters above the earth floating at the mercy of the slight breeze and thermal updraughts. The views were amazing and the whole experience was one not to forget, although I was quite surprised to discover that if the pilot light went out it would be approximately 60 seconds before we plunged like a rock to the earth below (For some reason I was under the impression it would be a more graceful descent). After an hour and a half or so afloat we set down some 5km from our take off location only to be whisked away in a shuttle bus back to base where a champagne breakfast awaited us.

What a view!

From way up above the earth we were able to see the distance but strangely familiar Mosquito mountain range that plays the back drop for mountain town Fairplay. Fairplay is the home town of Matt Stone and Trey Parker in which they based their prolific satirical cartoon series “South Park”. The town freakishly mirrors the animated depiction of itself with 2D-like shop fronts and hick locals.

After a quick wander about “South Park” and a few snap snots later we were off down the C24 towards Colorado Springs listening to John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High”. Originally we had planned on visiting the Colorado Springs Air Force Base, however, the tight schedule had left us all knackered and so we canned the Air force base and opted for a sedate drive around the Garden of the Gods before a nice Italian meal in Old Colorado City.

Top of Pike’s Peak

The following morning it was back off to work for myself whilst the rest of the gang boarded the Cog Train destine for local 14er Pikes Peak. After long traffic ridden trip back to Denver we all reconvened back in Arvada along with the exchangee mob for one of Sue’s classic Italalian home cooked meals. It was great to introduce Peter and Sue to our surrogate family for the year and share summer travel stories.

Everyone (well at least the teachers amongst us) departed a little saddened that night with the knowledge that they were soon to return to school. After a couple of relaxing days with Nat and I at work, Sue and Peter enjoyed suburban Denver life in Arvada before Nat had to sadly return them to DIA so they could begin their journey home.

Loved having you here Pete and Sue hope you had as much fun as we did.

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New York, New York

Shopping time!

So, Sar and I arrived in New York City just after midday on Friday afternoon, August 3rd, a little later that we had expected having hit a bit of traffic as we arrived in the Big Apple. After dragging our luggage onto the subway and to our hotel we were quickly on our way to get some shopping in before meeting up with Mat, mum and dad the next day.

It was straight to 5th Ave for a shopping fix and Sar wasn’t holding back on the purchases, I think she thought she was in heaven! We walked until our feet could no longer walk then it was back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We headed to The Office, a bar in the meat packing district for a cocktail then made our way to a yummy Asian restaurant across the street.

Our ride through Central Park

Mat arrived very early the next morning after his red eye flight from Denver. We let him have a little rest then it was off to ride bikes through Central Park. We did the lap of the park in what felt like 40 degree plus heat showing Sar some of the must see sights of the park. After a hot and sweaty bike ride it was off to a burger joint we were recommended to go for lunch. And that’s exactly what it was called, The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridian Hotel. Strange place for a burger place but we were told it was the best so we joined the very long line and waited around 45 minutes for what was a pretty good burger and fries.

Drinks at the Plaza

After returning from a little more shopping it was time to get ready to meet up with mum and dad at the Plaza Hotel for some cocktails before heading for dinner at the Russian Tea Room. I had booked both places after having a very similar night out just over a year ago in NY. The Plaza was very fancy and the food at the Russian Tea room was just as yummy as last time. It was then time to check out Times Square before calling it a night.

The following day, mum and dad were on the last day of their bus tour while Mat, Sar and I decided to visit the Financial District. We took a cruise on the Zephyr and viewed Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty from the river. We then took a quick tour along Wall street past the Stock Exchange and the big Bull. Later that night we thought we would avoid the crowds and head up the Empire State Building. It was a beautiful view from the top of the building with a nice glow coming from Times Square.

The next day we were all back together so we went for a casual stroll through Central Park, stopping in at the Boat house for lunch. After taking some lovely photos in the park we finished the day with yummy pizzas at a small pizzeria in Greenwich Village for dinner. Can you tell we like to eat??

Lunch at the Boat House in Central Park

On our final day in New York City we had a Food and cultural tour (yes, more food!) booked in Greenwich Village. We spend a good part of the day sampling pizza, olive oils, cheeses, appetisers, cookies and plenty of other good foods. And because we hadn’t done enough in our 5 day visit to NYC, we finished the day with a quick stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, but having walked all day, our feet just couldn’t take us the whole way across, so it was back to the hotel to pack.

After ensuring Sar could squeeze in all her new purchases it was off to the airport the following morning for everyone. We said our sad goodbyes to Sar as she was flying back to Sydney and it time for the rest of us to head back to Denver to show mum and dad around…

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Sar’s Visit

Being the very generous, loving person that my husband is, and sad about not being able to join me for the rest of my summer vacation, Mat decided to surprise me by organising a visit from my favourite little sister! What a sweetie pie!

So, the trip was planned, Sar arrived in Denver on Thursday, July 19th for a jammed pack tour of the US of A!

Colorado- Denver, Boulder and Estes Park

Downtown Denver night out

First stop, of course, being our place and a tour of Colorado. After leaving a wintery Wollongong, Sar arrived to the lovely dry summer weather we were having in Colorado. So, first stop was to head to a roof top bar, with a great view of the mountains in Boulder while we waited for Mat to finish work for the day. Sticking with our tradition, we took Sar to dinner at Texas Roadhouse for a few Margaritas and ribs! Fortunately for us, we did not decide to to go the movies to see the opening of Batman. We awoke the following morning to the tragic news and to many messages back home ensuring we were ok.

The following day I thought I’d take Sar to Estes Park to show her the wildlife and mountains. We took the Aerial Tramway to the summit of Prospect mountain to view

Top of Prospect Mountain at Estes Park

the amazing scenery and hopeful to see some wildlife. Well, the scenery was amazing, but the only wildlife viewed were some very tame, chubby chipmunks eating peanuts. But they were cute! After picking up Mat on our way back home, we had a night planned in Downtown Denver. After a night out on the town with local friends Ross and Rachelle, we had been introduced to the perfect place to take Sar for a great night out on the town called Williams and Graham. On face value Williams and Graham is a book shop, but a book shop with a difference. In fact a book shop with a full bar hidden in behind one of the book cases. The place is like walking into a time warp with the interior bar setting all decked out in the clad and style (drink menu inclusive) of that of the days of prohibition. We later joined one of Mat’s work colleagues, Alex and his girlfriend Kristina in lower downtown. Our last stop was at a bar called 1-Up; pretty much a boy’s dream bar… huge beers and walls and walls of video games and pinball machines. Us girls entertained ourselves in the photobooth and watching giant jenga. When we arrived home, it was time to polish off the leftover ribs for Sar, but Mat thought he’d be healthy and have a banana… or just take it to bed for later!

Aspen and Vail

Top of Aspen Mountain

Not so early the next morning it was off to Aspen via Independence Pass, a pass which is only open part of the year. It had great views but not many guard rails which made for a slightly scary drive. Once we arrived in Aspen we took Sar up the Gondola to the top of Aspen mountain and on her first hike in Colorado at an elevation of 11,212 ft (3418 m)! I’m not going to lie, there was puffing from both of us! Having gone to Aspen in the winter, it was great to see the mountains in the summer time.

We headed into the town of Aspen that afternoon for a little window shopping (that’s all we could afford to do) and then onto drinks and dinner. The following day we made our way back home to Denver with a short stop in at Vail for dinner before heading back home and packing for our trip to Mexico the following morning.

Enjoying a few cocktails

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We set off for Cabo early Monday morning, July 23, looking forward to relaxing by the beach for the next 5 days. It was an early start but by the afternoon we were pool side, drinking cocktails and soaking in the rays at the Pueblo Bonita Rose Resort in Cabo, San Lucas! And that’s pretty much what we did for the next 5 days, eat, sun-bake on the beach, sun-bake by the pool, swim, drink cocktails and relax. Though, we did manage to squeeze a mani/pedi and massage inbetween our busy schedule and a short walk into the marina and shops. The food was great, the cocktails were yummy and it was nice going out for dinner each night and just catching up on what had been happening during the year. It think Mat and Mike were a bit jealous!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

After a night back home in Denver to wash, unpack and repack, it was off to the airport again to make our way to Niagara Falls. We flew into Buffalo airport then rented a car and drove to the Canadian side of the falls where we stayed for 2 nights. We took a stroll to view the Falls up close and were amazed at the size and intensity of them. That night we thought we would have a nice dinner at the top of Skylon Tower and watch the falls and fireworks from their rotating restaurant. We really lucked out with our seats, we had the best view of the fireworks for when they started. We also had the biggest piece of steak I have ever seen!

The following day we went of the Maid of the Mist and Journey Behind the Falls tours. Our Maid of the Mist tour was interesting, before setting off, two people decided to renew their vows on the back of the boat with a scottish celebrant?? The tour itself was great, being so close up under the falls was amazing and very refreshing! Later that afternoon we Journeyed Behind the falls to get a different point of view. It was also an amazing experience but with a long line up!

Super duck tour of Boston


Its was onto Boston the next day and a surprise catch up with mum and dad. Originally we thought we wouldn’t see mum and dad until we arrived in NYC, but it just so happened that we were all going to be in Boston for the night! So after 8 months it was finally time to see mum and dad! We caught up for dinner and told stories about what had been happening till around midnight or so!

The next day, we awaited the arrival of the Clark’s (Nash and Liv) and set out on the planned events for the day. We did part of the Freedom Trail walking tour (which fit in nicely after teaching the American Revolution to my 5th Graders), visited a food market with the best lobster and clam chowder, had a cannoli, did a super duck land and water tour of Boston and toped the day off with tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. The next day we caught the subway out to Harvard and took a tour of the College and then later spent some time at a brewery back in Boston. After lining up for Pizza for dinner, we made our way back for our last night in Boston with the American Undies making a surprise appearance on the way home…

Next stop…. onto the bus to NYC to meet up with mum, dad and Mat!

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