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Another city on our list of places to see was Chicago. The windy city and home of deep dish pizzas, Nash, Liv, Mat and myself set off to see the sights of Chicago at the beginning of November.

Chicago Food Tour

Chicago Food Tour

We arrived late Friday night and had a food tour planned for the next morning. Having done the new Orleans food tour through the same company we figured we should give their original flagship tour in Chicago a try. First stop was Pizanos to try their deep dish pizzas. The were definitely deep, like a pie but filled with cheese. Next stop was to a fancy hotel called the Drake for a gourmet chocolate brownie then on to sample some hotdogs at Downtown Dogs, they were some good hot dogs! It was then onto taste some traditional new Orleans food, gumbo and  jambalaya and with the most amazing and wide variety of hot sauces I have ever seen. We of course had to sample a few. Next stop, Billy Goat Tavern for some cheeseburgers (which I struggled to fit in!). And then onto our last stop of the day for a chocolate moose. So, just to sum up our food tour, this is what we consumed in 3 hours… deep dish pizza, chocolate brownie, hot dogs, gumbo, cheeseburger and chocolate moose! Can’t say there has been a time when I have eaten pizza, hotdog and cheeseburger on the same day, but now, yes!

The Bean

The Bean

Now, just because we hadn’t eaten enough food for the day, we had organised to meet up with Mat’s friend from work Justin and his wife, Jessica (Chicago college locals) for dinner to sample yet some more deep dish pizza. Now usually I can do a pretty good job at eating my fair share of a pizza, but I struggled to eat two pieces of this pizza. So much cheese!

The following day it was off on a free City walking tour and we were on our way to explore the Vietnamese Area just a short train ride outside of the city. It was interesting to stroll the streets, sample some good food and explore the local stores with some culture and history on the way thanks to our own personal guide. After lunch, we made our way back and did some more exploring of the downtown area with a visit to “The Bean” and Lake Michigan.

Later that afternoon we kicked back for the afternoon before heading out to a Speak Easy Bar to sample a few cocktails and to meet up with Justin and Jess again. After a few drinks (and some may have had more than a few!!) we found a nice Italian restaurant for dinner. In fact the food was so delicious that Mat decided he would lick the plate! Need I say who had the more than a few drinks…

Before heading back to Denver the following day we spent the morning aboard a cruise boat Architectural Tour. While it was quite cold on the tour it was amazing to see the building that lined the river through the city. It was also nice to spend the day with Nash and Liv as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

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