Mr President

Despite knowing 2012 was an election year I do not think anything could have prepared us for the deluge of campaign advertisements bombarding us across every form of media through the months of October and November leading into the election. From TV and Radio to Print and Social Networking there often was back to back Republican and Democratic advertisements for respective presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama with little or no mention of any other candidates.

After spending a good part of a year here I feel like I have begun to understand the fundamental perspectives of each side of US government and in contrast to our two major political parties in Australia I would have to say Republican’s and Democrat’s are significantly less aligned. Republican’s seem to me to be more often represented by wealthy less liberal folks who are self sustaining, whilst, Democrat’s are typically more left wing and in general call for more social equality such as universal health care as we have seen through the current president Obama’s health care proposals. Making some further generalisations I would have to say that our own government is perhaps tilted more towards the democratic side of things with our Liberal government more likened to the Democratic party here in the US, with our labour party perhaps further down the left winged Democratic scale.

That said I think that is why Nat and myself found ourselves more naturally aligned with the Democratic party led by re-election candidate Barrack Obama. Hence, when a ticket became available to go and see the president speak at CU campus in Boulder I could not refuse. Both candidates had spent quite a bit of time here in swing state Colorado, with this CU visit being President Obama’s 3rd visit this campaign with the notional intention of securing the student vote. After lining up for over an hour to get into the Coors Event Centre  myself, work colleague Alex and his girlfriend Kristina had to sit out another 3.5 hours to hear the president speak. It was all worth it with Barrack Obama delivering a very inspiring and forward thinking speech to the American people. It’s no wonder that he secured the state and the presidential election in a landslide victory.

In summary, one thing I am thankful for now that I may not have been thankful for before our time here in the US is the fact that our Australian governments are far more aligned in fundamental areas of policy which no doubt makes way for a more efficient and cooperative government.

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