Halloween Fun!

I remember thinking when we arrived in the US that Halloween would be one of those days I would look forward to due to the fact that it’s just not something we participate in, in Australia (though from the look of photos on facebook, it seems we are catching on to this event more and more each year).

The night before the big day, Kristin, Mat and myself set off on the hunt for the perfect costumes. Our staff theme being Superheroes and Mat’s work being, dress up if you want. I think Mat was most excited! While looking around one of the Halloween shops, we turn to find Mat standing in the middle of the shop asking if we approved of his He-Man costume (like a kid in a Candy shop!). He was pretty excited! Kristin and I, though, were finding it more difficult to find the perfect costume due to the fact that most super-hero female costumes were just not appropriate to wear to school. So, thinking outside the square, Mat came across Super Mario and Luigi, suitable for school and pretty funny.

Mrs Mario

Preparing that morning for the change from Mrs Baker to Super Mario, I dressed ready to greet my 4th graders. As I opened the door, there were many shouts and screams as they realized their teacher (AKA Mrs Mario) had now put on about 100 pounds and had also grown a mustache. Knowing that the day would be quite wild, I had planned many Halloween activities to keep them busy before the parade and parties. After the party, I then sent them on their way with plenty of candy and junk food to keep their parents happy!

Later that evening, we were invited to Shelly and Rich’s house for yet more Halloween events. We were able to give out candy (which we were pretty excited about) to the many trick-or-treaters that came to the door and carve our very first pumpkins. We had a stready stream of kids knocking on the door for around 3 hours, all parading excellent costumes and pillow cases filled with plenty of goods.

It was a pretty funny day, especially seeing people grocery shopping, driving in all kinds of costumes (us included!), Mat driving to work dressed in his lycra padded He-Man costume and wig and being the only one dressed up. The next day, school was much quieter, maybe due to the fact that I had around 6 kids away with a “Sugar-hangover”.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Love that Mat chose He-man….I remember Mat & I playing He-Man and She-ra for hours on end when we were little….he was obsessed then and appears he still is! Too funny! Love getting your blog updates 🙂

  2. Craig G

    Looks like fun, great photos!

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