The Original Starbucks

Seattle was on my list of places I wanted to see while here in the US. So the weekend of the 13th and 14th October we planned a weekend to head to Washington State, the 21st state we had visited. Being the middle of fall, the chance of rain in Seattle was high, but apparently the chance of rain in Seattle is quite high at any time of the year.

So after flying into Sea-Tac airport, it wasn’t long before we had arrived in the big smoke of Downtown Seattle. First stop was a yummy clam chowder at the famous and busy Pike’s Market. Having not eaten much seafood while living in Colorado, it seems seafood was on the menu the entire weekend because we had a lovely seafood dinner that night at Elliot’s.

The following day, we decided to do our own coffee tour (having not been able to book into the local coffee tour). Being the home of Starbucks, downtown Seattle literally has a Starbucks on every corner and includes the home of the original Starbucks Cafe. So after a quick coffee at Seattle’s Best Coffee (which was not the best coffee I have tasted!) it was off to sample coffee at the original Starbucks.

Lake Washington Cruise

After way too much caffeine we hopped on the monorail to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit situated just under the Space Needle. The exhibit was filled with sculptured glass works of the artist Dale Chihuly both inside and outside the building. His works were quite amazing to see, and I wouldn’t mind a few of his sculptures for our house when we get home!

Later that afternoon, we took a cruise on Lake Union and Lake Washington where we sighted the 498 floating homes (only 2 left at quite an expensive price for mud on the bottom of a lake) including the one used in the movie, Sleepless in Seattle. Not only are these lakes known for their highly expensive floating homes, Lake Washington is also well known for many celebrity’s homes including the $54 million home of Bill Gates. Complete with ……

Our Yummy Space Sunday

Apparently if guests are invited to stay at the Gate’s Estate, they are required to complete a survey upon arrival. Once guests have selected the preferences of things such as room temperature, lighting, food etc, the information is then put into a computer system (Microsoft of course) and then guests wear their electronic tags around which triggers off each room they walk into to set to their preferences. Pretty intense! I’m still waiting for an invite, and I guess I’d leave my apple devices at home for the weekend if I were invited to stay J.

That evening we had a romantic dinner at the top of the Space needle, the iconic tower, which was originally built for the Seattle World Fair in 1962, still standing today as one of the most visited places in Seattle. At the top of the Space Needle is a revolving restaurant with magnificent views of the city and surroundings. We enjoyed yet more seafood followed by their most popular dessert, an ice-cream Sunday featuring a dry ice display.

Before heading home we stopped by Pike’s Place Market for a little browse and yet more seafood and shopping. It was a relaxing weekend, and a lovely city to visit.

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