Busy Weekend

After Bobby rigged his AFL tipping comp such that he emerged as the victor, he organised for a local Fort Collins pub to put the AFL grand final game on, and, invited the remainder of the tipping comp field to come along to celebrate his win and watch the game. As you are probably quite aware the game was a very entertaining final in which kept us on the edge of our seats until the wee hours of the morning. The mighty Swanny’s well contested victory was made all the more sweeter seeing as though they beat Bobby’s own Hawthorn. See Bobby cheating never pays 😉

A day at Anderson Farm

The following day Bobby was out for revenge on the disc golf course but he and we were served a lesson by Christian “Koshie” Kozlowski. After a quick and painful 9 holes we headed south to a place called Erie to get lost in a corn maze at Anderson’s Farm. After paying our admission fee we obtained maps of the maze including the various check points scattered throughout and we promptly formed teams; boys versus girls in a true test of map navigation. The girls took out the preliminary but once the boys got their bearings we convincingly took out the main event on the 30 acre 9 mile course. Nat and I returned to Denver later that evening to round out the day with a meal down town on Lamar after visiting fancy speak easy bar “The Green Russell”.

The boys enjoying the game

Since the beginning of the year attending a MLS (Major League Soccer) match was forecast. With local team the Colorado Rapids hosting David Beckham’s own L.A Galaxy at Dick’s Sporting Goods Field we booked our tickets ready for our glimpse at the super star himself. We (the boys) had general admission tickets which turned out to be the best seats in the house right along side the players entrance to and from the sheds, and, directly behind the goals and perhaps more importantly right along-side the hooligan Rapids supporter base. Too bad the girls upgraded their tickets only to sit way up out of the action and miss out on a session banging away on the drums.

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